In addition to standard flat plate batteries, we are the only distributor who offers tubular batteries with European standards. By offering these two products, we can guarantee that you will always receive the best quality/price ratio to meet your needs.

Our tubular battery selection comprises a complete line of certified MDL cells that range from 2PzS100 to 10PzS1600 in standard production and custom orders that go to 12PzS1920. Furthermore, a complete line of British Standard (BS) cells from 55 to 105 Ah per plate is also available to meet market demand. Tubular cells and batteries adapt to a wide array of accessories for maximum performance and reliability. When it comes to dimensions, it is often possible to offer a tubular battery with higher amp-hours than that of a standard plate battery of the same size.

We listen to our clients’ needs and, because we understand their needs, can offer the most economical solution to satisfy their requirements.


Midac batteries offer two types of cells :

The MDL (PzS) series includes 90 cell types, covering a range of capacities from 100 to 1860 Ah/C5.

The MBS (PzB) series includes 54 cells types, covering a range of capacities from 110 to 1050 Ah/C5.

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