You want to optimize your battery fleet performance, reduce costs and increase productivity ? Our maintenance services let you take control of your preventative equipment maintenance. In doing so, you’ll enjoy a decrease in both direct and indirect costs thanks to this winning formula that has proven its worth for many clients.

Our mission is to provide expert service that will satisfy all of your needs :

  • Battery wash
  • Budget evaluation
  • Training programs
  • Set-up and modernization of your charging rooms
  • Complete inspection with report
  • Refill water analysis

Maintenance in our factory :

When your batteries are in need of an overhaul, we can bring them back to our facility and restore them for best results. We can also lend you replacement units so that your productivity will not be affected.

Maintenance in your factory :

Thanks to our portable washing station, Batteries Natech can come directly to your factory to wash your batteries. As such, we can collect and save the water used to wash your batteries and bring it back to our facility where it will be treated and neutralized. No trace of dangerous material will be left at your factory and the water is completely recycled at our facilities according to environmental standards.